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Ahlouna’s work started in 1997 with a group of philanthropic women who had been volunteering for years with a charitable organization (Sandouk El Sakat) in helping distribute money to underprivileged families. In that time, these women saw not just a need to “give families a fish” but to “teach them how to fish.” They started their work by gathering a few disadvantaged/marginalized women and employed them to cook jams and sweets in their homes to sell to the public.

During the first couple years the work was hard. The volunteers worked together hand in hand with the needy women, day and night through trial and error, continuously striving to succeed. With a great investment of their time and sprit they finally reached success. Their enthusiasm paid off and they reached the beginning and what was to be a very long journey of women’s empowerment.

Ahlouna Association was officially established in 2001 with the purpose of empowering marginalized women by providing them with job opportunities. Since its founding however, Ahlouna has broadened its mission and expanded to providing sustainable educational and social services targeted towards vulnerable groups including women, youth, children, elderly and disabled individuals.

1997 A group of philanthropic women saw the need to empower women and not just give them fish, but teach them how to fish and so they started an initiative to hire women to produce food for sale.

1998 Work moved from the households of the women to a factory.

2001 Ahlouna officially registered.

2002 Household Services Program launched.

2003 Educational Department launched.

2004 Secured Land for construction of Ahlouna facilities.

2005 Orphan Sponsorship Program launched.

2006 July War- Refugee Relief Work.

2006 University Loans Program launched.

2010 Recruitment Services was re-launched.

2010 Psychological Support Program launched.


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