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Ahlounas Agro-Food Production Facility which was established in 1998, in a private home in Saida, with limited equipment and products. Fortunately, over the years the factory has witnessed significant growth, acquiring a reputation of excellence in the local market.

The factory provides full and part-time job opportunities to marginalized women who have limited a education and skill set, they may also have disabilities. Such opportunities allow the employees to become financially independent, thus enabling them to support their families and improve their socio-economic status. These women also participate in workshops to develop both their technical and personal skills. The factory currently employs 75 women in full and part time jobs.

The factory produces a variety of specialty cookies, jams, meat and cheese filled pastries, as well as other traditional Lebanese and health-conscious dishes. All products are made from locally available fruits, nuts and vegetables. Ahlouna is committed to producing traditional and healthy Agro-Food Products of the highest quality Due to the success it has found in the local market, the Agro-Food Production Facility generates funds into the organizations social and educational programs, ensuring sustainability of the organization. Over time, the Agro-Food Production facility has been expanding, developing and improving its products and services ensuring the best in quality foods to satisfy its customers.

Success story:

A woman and mother of three who left school when she was fifteen, found herself in a grim situation when her husband passed away and there was no source of income to support herself or her children. Her age, gender, lack of skill set and formal education made it nearly impossible for her to secure a job. At Ahlounas Agro-Food Production Facility she not only found employment and financial security but a career as well. Although she initially began working in the kitchen, with time and training, she worked her way up to become supervisor of the Agro-Food Production Facility. She now stands as role model to all the women in the factory not only as a great mother but also as a successful career woman.


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