About Ahlouna

Vision, Mission, Principles


A developmental charity seeking to help members of the community to improve the quality of their lives.


To reach a just and secure society resulting from moral and financial interdependence and cooperation of its citizens.


Contributing to the development of citizens on a social level, especially the disadvantaged, including children, youth, and women. Working to eradicate poverty and empower individuals by working in the fields of education, development among others, to facilitate their participation in their personal development as well as the development of their community.

General Objectives:

■ Empower citizens including children, youth and women, for the development of self and the community through education, providing job opportunities and capacity building in order for them to acquire diverse experiences.

■ Support and care of needy individuals on a social and health fields according to a specific criterion. To raise awareness of the beneficiaries on topics such as health and social issues through meetings, lectures and consultations.

■ To execute rescue work for citizens affected by events resulting from war, natural disasters or such, according to the capacity of the organization.

Principles of Work:

■ Indiscrimination: Ahlouna works with all groups in the area and does not discriminate between citizens.

■ Social Integration: Ahlouna seeks to provide an integrated environment for all beneficiaries and partners in its programs, and especially vulnerable groups such as disabled, children who have dropped outs of school, women, elderly and very poor people.

■ Participation: Ahlouna seeks to promote opportunities to participate for beneficiaries and partners, such as children, youth volunteers, and beneficiaries of the social program, and employees, in the decision making process on topics that directly concern them within the organization.

■ Networking: Ahlouna seeks to network with civil society organizations, local authority, and concerned ministries, in the improvement of the quality of work and the increased impact on that groups that they work with.


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