Ahlouna Programs


Educational Program

Interactive Learning Program

Ahlouna Active Learning Program targets children from its underprivileged families of the Social Welfare Program who suffer from academic weakness and lack the presence of individuals capable of helping them. The program takes place four times a week, each session lasting two hours. In order for the work to be more affective, this program incorporates visits to the schools and homes of the children. This allows the educators to pinpoint the academic and behavioral standing of each child.

The program uses various methods and means in its approach to interactive learning. It takes into consideration the capabilities, pace of development and diversities of the child while incorporating active participation of the children.

It is important to mention that this program creates opportunities for youth to volunteer as educators. These volunteers undergo training sessions to build their capacities as educators so that they grasp the work methods and can accomplish the program objectives.

■ Decrease school drop-out rates.
■ Help children overcome academic difficulties.
■ Raise the self-esteem of the child in himself/herself and in his/her abilities.
■ Help children overcome learning disabilities.
■ Develop the communication, conflict resolution and life skills of children.
■ Provide opportunities for youth to volunteer and participate in purposeful educational development.

■ Children between the ages of 6 and 9 who come from difficult socio-economic backgrounds.
■ Children from public schools, low-priced private schools and UNRWA schools.

Facts & figures:
■ Estimated number of children who have benefited from this program since its launch in 2005: hundreds of children (interactive learning program only).
■ Estimated number of youth volunteers: 12 youth.
■ Number of beneficiaries enrolled in the program in 2010/2011: 100 children.

Success story:
A mother of three came to Ahlouna's Educational Department in dire need of help, for her three illiterate children (aged 6, 11, and 13). The 6 year old was enrolled into a public school and the other two children were enrolled in literacy classes with the Interactive Learning Program. After two years, the children learnt how to read and write and were enrolled in a vocational institute where they pursued a vocational degree.

Teen Guidance Program

The Teen Guidance Program aims to eliminate child labor and children dropping out of school. This is done by providing orientation about how they can continue their education, in some cases covering part of the schooling costs as well as tracking their progress at their new schools/institutes. In cases where they cannot return to school, they are referred to vocational institutes, training centers or centers for children with learning disabilities. Each case takes into consideration the child's abilities, desires and local market demands, while ensuring their rights are being protected.

■ Eliminate child labor and children dropping out of school.
■ Facilitate that child drop-outs continue their education and reintegrate them back into society.
■ Reinforce the self-esteem of child drop-outs.

■ Children who have dropped out of school.
■ Children who come from environments that encourage them leave school to pursue work.

Facts & figures:
■ Estimated number of children referred to institutes/centers in 2010/2011: 37 children.
■ Number of institutes/centers with whom Ahlouna collaborates: 7.

Success story:
A young boy at the age of 14 stopped going to school, rather he was more interested in drinking and smoking with his friends. Desperate and without knowing what to do, his parents approached Ahlouna's Teen Guidance Program in search of help. The program's staff, having a way to connect to distraught youth, sat down and spoke with this young boy. They explained to him what future awaits him if he continued down on his present path. After having grasped the reality of his situation, he decided to go on board with Ahlouna's plan. Having Ahlouna to support through his years of school, he was able to finish middle school transfer to a vocational school. Currently he is studying hospitality, working a part-time job and regularly volunteers at Ahlouna.

University Loans Program

The University Loans Program provides students from low-income families with the opportunity to pursue their education by providing university loans. These loans have 0% interest rate and flexible payment terms which begin only once students graduate and secure employment. This program also provides university guidance and career services to students, before, during and after their university years. With the aim of educating and expose them to the opportunities and prospects available academically & professionally in order for them to make educated decisions about their futures.

■ Help students from low-income families to continue their education, realize their ambitions and enter the workforce.
■ Motivate students to maintain high academic standings.
■ To educate and expose students to the opportunities and prospects available to them academically & professionally..

■ Students from low-income families.
■ Students whom exhibit high academic achievement as well as desire to better their lives.

Facts and Figures
■ Number of beneficiaries receiving loans in 2010/2011: 66 students.
■ Number of students expected to graduate university in 2011: 16 students.
■ Percent of tuitions program covers: Between 20% & 60%.

Success story:
A student from an extremely disadvantaged family greatly benefited from this program greatly. After having applied and received a loan from Ahlouna, she pursued her education and graduated with a university degree accounting. Currently she is working, paying back her loan and helping to support her family.