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Ahlounas Recruitment Services offer free services to members of Saida community with the aim of helping them secure employment and promote local economic development. Ahlouna plays the role of intermediary between individuals in search of work, and companies, offices, and organizations in search of employees. Job searchers range from unskilled laborers to university graduates, hoping to find employment opportunities locally, nationally and internationally.

Currently Ahlouna has over 300 registered job seekers and 60 registered companies, organizations and individuals looking for employees. Since the re-launch of this program on April 2010 a total of 30 people have secured employment.

Success story:

A beneficiary from one of Ahlounas programs in need of part-time work to finance her university tuition registered herself with Recruitment Services. After searching the database, she was matched with a part-time job that fit her specific needs and qualifications. She is currently employed and is very content with her job, especially knowing that she will continue her education in the near-term.

Interested job and employee seekers please contact us for further information.

*Job openings within Ahlouna Association will be posted on our website's news and events page. Interested applicants can contact the administrative department for further inquires.


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