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Women Volunteers
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Role & Responsibilities:

Women volunteers at Ahlouna play fundamental roles. One of their primary roles is to be present on the ground, in the neighborhoods and communities where Ahlouna operates. Their work involves filling out comprehensive questionnaires about each family, regularly tracking families in their needs, managing the cloth distribution center and spreading the word about Ahlouna as a means of fundraising and promotion.


Women volunteering at Ahlouna benefit on a personal and social level. By helping the less fortunate and having a positive impact on their communities, these women gain a sense of fulfillment and confidence. In addition, they have the unique opportunity to experience the poverty in their society, something that keeps them in touch with reality. Socially, it gives them a group to belong to, like a social club or a sisterhood. Many volunteers have created lasting friendships through their years volunteering.


Ahlouna supports volunteers by coordinating, and doing all the administrative services to complement their field work. Ahlouna also supports its volunteers by giving them training to help develop and build new and existing skills. Furthermore Ahlouna celebrates the value of its volunteers by hosting a yearly sohur during the month of Ramadan and including them in the different organizational activities.


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