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Youth Volunteers
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Role & Responsibilities:

Youth volunteers play a valuable role at Ahlouna, specifically their work within the Educational Department. Ahlouna youth volunteers, who are mostly university students, support the Education Program by working as educators in the after school Interactive Learning Program Ahlouna youth volunteers are also responsible for the design and implementation of Ahlounas yearly summer camp. They take full responsibility for planning the theme of the summer camps and they work as facilitators for the duration of the camp. Lastly, they have the opportunity to carry out initiatives of their own ambitions and new ideas arise.


Through volunteering at Ahlouna, youth are able to realize their potentials, ambitions, and desires for social change. They have a space to meet and talk about their ideas to improve their community. More importantly they have the chance to build their confidence and skills as well as the opportunity to play leadership roles.


Ahlouna supports its youth volunteers in a number of ways. Volunteers participate in a number of diverse workshops and trainings (communication & conflict resolution, project design and implementation, etc). They also have the opportunity to apply for loans of Ahlounas University Loan Program. At times, some volunteers end up being employed by Ahlouna, be it part or full time. Financially, Ahlouna helps to cover transportation costs of the volunteers.


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