Where We Come From

In 1997, a group of Lebanese women dedicated to social work formed a committee to support the “zakat” (almsgiving or charity) donations in Saida. The committee members soon realized during their social work that the target people of Saida had many unmet needs. As a result, the committee began to consider two central focus points: awareness campaigns and development of talent in Saida.

  1. 1997

    A group of charitable women created a committee to support the “zakat” (almsgiving or charity) donations and to empower the underprivileged women in Saida through teaching them how to cook and sell sweets.
  2. 1998

    Clothes distribution was launched.
  3. 2001

    Ahlouna Association officially evolved and registered as a non-governmental organization in Lebanon under the patronage of the late sheikh Mohamad Salim Jalal El Dinne then the mufti of Saida and south Lebanon.
    Healthcare was launched.
  4. 2002

    The Household Services Program provided part-time, flexible job opportunities for under-educated and under-skilled women in the areas of cleaning, cooking, hospitality, and care for the elderly. 100 women were involved, from 2002 to 2014.
  5. 2003

    The Educational Program was launched.
  6. 2004

    After receiving a generous donation, a center for Ahlouna Association was built.
    Tutoring Project was launched.
  7. 2005

    The Orphan Sponsorship Program was launched.
  8. 2006

    After the July/August war, Refuge Relief Work took priority. The University Loans Program was launched as well in 2006.
  9. 2008

    Sponsorship of Special Needs Children was launched.
  10. 2010

    Recruitment Services: Ahlouna played the role of intermediary between individuals in search of work, companies, and offices, as well as organizations in search of employees. 525 jobs were offered, from 2010 till 2019.
    Psychological Support Services and Tuition Assistance were launched.
  11. 2013

    The Elderly Care Project was launched.
    The Dream Center Project was launched.
  12. 2019

    The Renovation Project was launched.
  13. 2021

    Family sponsorship was launched.

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